Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Duplex in Calgary, AB, Canada


What is a Duplex?

It is a house divided into two units with a separate entrance each sharing a “party” wall and a roof.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Duplex in Calgary

1. Duplex is affordable.

Duplex in Calgary is cheaper than a detached single family house. It is like owning a detached house, but it is so much more affordable.

2. Only one other unit to deal with.

Unlike apartments where you would have to deal with an army of owners living above you and bellow in addition to the condo board and property management company, in duplex you just have one unit to deal with. You will have one neighbour to share a wall, and there are many benefits.

3. Potential Income (Investment) Property.

If you can purchase two sides of the duplex it would generally cost more than a detached house. However, you will be able to rent out one side and live in the other next door. You could even get a short term rental business license from City of Calgary I paid $99 for mine. You could rent one side or Airbnb, live in the other side and it would help you write off some of the taxes and help you with the mortgage.

4. Duplex is more Secure.

Living in a duplex provides you with more security and safety options. Having a neighbour next door can help you go for a vacation knowing someone can look after your place.

5. Duplex Gives You More Options

  • Because duplex is generally cheaper, you could buy it closer to your workplace and shorten the commute time.
  • You could have your parents live next door who could help you with the children or who require your support and yet maintain your / their privacy.
  • The other side could be used as a guest house.
  • Duplexes are very popular in Calgary and many single family homes were reconstructed into duplexes, it usually means you can get a newer home that is up to code and in amazing locations.

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    If I want to start with something under $200k for my family of 5 will there be decent schools in that kind of neighborhood.

    My family is me, wife, and three daughters aged 12, 12, and 9.

    Let’s hope the borders open soon for landing.

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